What is WITNET?

WHAT IS THAT for TV shows and movies.


Connecting everything you see to anything you want to know or do, for any Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, TV show episode or movie.   In seconds, access detailed information and if desired, direct purchasing for anything you see, from a mobile app.  WITNET will soon allow you, with a touch or word, to immediately view the TV show episode or movie you’re watching (on whatever device) as a series of interactive scene snapshots, and where every image is precisely connected.    Every clothing article and accessory image, every product, appliance, or furniture item (What Is That),  are connected with a touch.

Precise One Touch

See what a One Touch, Precise experience will be like.

the witnet world


Privacy Integrity


WITNET is an anonymous platform, with absolutely NO ADVERTISING, or selling or sharing your personal information.   What you see or do in WITNETstays there, and is only used to enhance your experience and make it more efficient. 

WITNET is supported by ecommerce commissions paid by retailers, 

which are shared with those contributors who made each transaction possible,  not with your personal information (& soul). 


One Touch Efficient

 WITNET is a One Touch world.  Touch anything you see to instantly view precise information and connect directly to resources for that exact item.  No endless searching for information and answers.  

Everything you see is connected.  

viewing video today

We All Do It


Nielsen's latest Total Audience Report says U.S. adults average 5.24 hours every day watching video (TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone).  

88% of us use our smartphone some, most, or all the time we're watching TV,  

71% of the time to look up content about what we're watching.    

A Precise World


The WITNET app will soon allow Viewers to access exact information about anything  you see  in seconds, simply by touching.   No typing out words trying to describe what you're looking for, only to quit out of frustration 

when you don't even get close.   

Text-based internet and search tools were not created to recognize images.

Changing the World


WIT Partners

How can WITNET connect so many item images to precise information and resources?  By engaging the world.  

We partner with an outside network of the smartest, most diverse, independent and unstoppable global workforce possible.  Technology alone, at this time, can only identify a tiny number of items (comparatively), with few companies focused on video.  

But, put today's technology in the hands of many individuals, 

and the world can identity and connect everything Viewers value, 

creating an invaluable utility for a video hungry society. 


Democratizing Video Economics

Why would people contribute their time and knowledge to help WITNET?

WITNET is made possible by a collective of individuals, each who has contributed one or more connections to WITNET.   Each contribution provides the contributor a fractional ownership in WITNET and allows them to share in any of the revenue generated from any of their contributions.  

Think Wikipedia, but our contributors gain recurring income for their efforts.   For many, that income will be life-changing. 



Test the WITNET App

If you are a U.S. Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu subscriber and would like to help us by participating as an advance Beta tester for the WITNET mobile app being released later this year, please subscribe below and we’ll be in contact shortly.

Or send an email with your name to: info@witnet.us



Become A WITNET Owner

Do you have 1st-hand knowledge of items used in a TV show episode or movie: worked in costume/wardrobe or set design, part of the resource group, involved with production, worked for the manufacturer of the clothing, accessories, products, appliances, or furniture used?

Or, you don't have 1st-hand knowledge, but you do like using your investigative search skills to find things you and your friends see on TV or the movies?

If YES to either of these, then you have the potential of creating a substantial recurring income stream for yourself by contributing to WITNET.   

Subscribe below to receive additional information on becoming a certified 

WIT Partner.   Or send an email with your name to: info@witnet.us