frequently asked questions

Who Owns WITNET?


WITNET is collectively owned by WIT1, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), and individuals (WIT Partners) who contribute one or more connections to WITNET.

What is a Beta-Tester?


Really important and critical early users of the WITNET platform who provide feedback on new functions, and help to find software bugs before we release new features to the public. 

What is Required to be a Beta-Tester?


Internet access, a smartphone or tablet, and a strong desire to know the What, Who, and Where for anything you see in TV shows and movies  shown on 

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu

Do Beta-Testers Get Paid?


WIT1's Beta-Tester compensation includes first access to new features and releases for WITNET, and direct voice in WITNET's early development.  You will be helping to enable for the first time in history, individuals throughout the U.S. and world to contribute to the creation of a One Touch, precise tool for all video.  

Best of all, contributors (not companies) create a recurring income streams for themselves, which for many will be life-changing.  And YES, there will be cash and merchandise prizes galore.   

Do I have to Buy Something to be a Beta-Tester?


NO, we need your feedback to improve every WITNET user's experience and purchasing clothing, products, or other items you see is definitely not required.  

There will be opportunities to purchase though, if you want to in the future when/if the item you want is connected to an acceptable retailer. 

When is the WITNET app available?


 Depending on Beta-Testing and feedback, we expect to release it later this summer.  Subscribe on the Home page to be notified as soon as it is available. 

Will the WITNET app be Free?


YES!  Absolutely.  

There are no costs for using WITNET.  

It is a free resource for the world.

Does it Cost More if I Purchase using WITNET?


NO.  WITNET is supported through ecommerce sales referral commissions paid directly by the retailer you select to make your purchases from (e.g. Amazon), 

and does not change the price you pay.

How does WITNET know What I Touch?


When you select a scene snapshot from a TV show episode or movie in the WITNET app, it is touch sensitive.  That tells the software where to look for the underlying item, person, or location and display that specific information and resources.

Is My Personal Information Captured?


YES.  Whatever information you provide in the course of using WITNET is captured and used to enhance your personal experience and efficiency.  

Who else has Access to My Personal Information?


No One.  WITNET is private and secure.  Users are anonymous, and neither their actions on WITNET or their personal information is ever shared or sold.  

There is no advertising or outside marketing.

What is a WIT Partner?


Any individual with internet access who has been trained and certified by WIT1, as sufficiently skilled in identifying images and using WITNET tools to access and make connections from images to 

information sources and/or retailers.

Why be a WIT Partner?


When a WIT Partner is the first to make a connection of an item image to information and/or a retailer and subsequent WITNET app users purchase that item, the WIT Partners who CONTRIBUTED to that transaction, share in the sales referral commission earned.

 Every time a Viewer purchases something in WITNET, 

a WIT Partner(s) somewhere is getting paid.

How much can a WIT Partner Earn?


There is no limit.  It will purely be a function of how many items a WIT Partner connects to information and/or retailer sources, the number of times each item is purchased each day/week/month/year, and what the retail price of each item is multiplied by the commission rate paid by that retailer, divided by the Contributors.   

What is a WITNET Fractional Owner?


WITNET is a cloud archive of TV show episode and movie scene snapshots with individual images connected to precise information and resources.  Each connection constitutes a CONTRIBUTION  to WITNET.  

The first WIT Partner that makes a unique connection, becomes a Contributor to WITNET and Fractional Owner, entitled to share in the revenue generated thereafter anytime their contribution is part of a purchase or other revenue generation for WITNET.